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Tips to buy Jewellery

Jewellery is very precious possession, both emotionally and financially. The reason for buying jewellery can vary from Investment to Gifting or self-use. The reason for buying jewellery can be many and hence there are fair chances that each one of us must have landed in a Jewellery shop to buy Jewellery. But due to lack of knowledge we may end up making wrong choices or getting duped.

What points should be considered while buying Jewellery?

  • Buy Jewellery as per the need & purpose. The design should be chosen keeping in mind the occasion & lifestyle.
  • Always buy BIS Hallmarked Gold. Hallmark is an assurance of gold purity. The Gold purity is inscribed on the metal surface as 916 (22K), 750 (18K) & 58.5 (14K). 24K gold means 100% pure Gold. The Gold amount should be charged as per the Gold purity & weight.
  • Make sure that Gold weight in Gram & Gemstones weight in Carat are properly calculated, mentioned & charged in the Bill.
  • Always ensure that the Gemstones and Diamonds studded in the jewellery are certified by a reputed Laboratory. It is further advisable to get the jewellery tested on your own and take an independent opinion from reputed laboratory. GJI provides un-biased opinion & certification for authenticity & quality of jewellery.
  • Ask if there is any return/buy back policy of the store.
  • Be sure about the Diamonds and Gemstones used in jewellery are natural & untreated. If treated, it should be disclosed by the jeweler & mentioned on certificate too.
  • If the Stone is treated, you must confirm if treatment has any adverse effect on durability of the stone. Like Glass filled stones are less durable & should be protected from excessive heat.
  • While Buying Pearls, jeweler must specify if the Pearl is Natural, Cultured or Imitation.
  • Make sure that the jeweler writes any extra information that you relied on while making the purchase. Do not rely on verbal commitments.
  • Always buy Diamond and Gemstone Jewellery with Autheticity Report from a reputed Gemological laboratory. GJI provides detailed Jewellery certification Report for safety & protection of customers. This service can be availed by the jewellers as well as the customers.
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Why you should learn Gemology

Gemology is the scientific study of gemstones. It covers their origin/sources, Classification, Optical & Physical Properties, various Quality parameters and most importantly their identification. Gemology also includes Gemstone treatments & their detection, techniques of making synthetic stones & testing methods to differentiate from their natural counterparts. Read More[...]

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