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GJI, Gemological & Jewellery Institute offers the most Practical & comprehensive Training courses in Gemology and Jewellery. The courses are carefully designed keeping in mind the growing needs of industry for trained jewellery professionals & skilled manpower. Today, in this world of globalization and competition, a thorough knowledge of gems and jewellery is the only key to success and will prove to be your most powerful weapon to survive in this industry!

GJI provides Training Programmes from Basic / Entry Level to Advanced level. Our courses are for people who want to make a career in the field of gems & Jewellery, those who are already in the business and willing to enhance their skills & knowledge. Our courses are also meant for Gems Enthusiasts, gem-Collectors and Hobbyists.

Our courses are carefully designed to provide you not only theoretical knowledge but also involve lots of practical experiences & market exposure as well. We provide an appropriate environment to develop entrepreneurial skills. Our courses guide you to practice proven techniques using the latest tools & instruments.

List of Courses




Diamonds & Diamond Grading

1 Month


Gemstone Identification

1 Month


Master Gemology

2 Months


Professional Gemologist

4 Months


Jewellery Basics

2 weeks


Jewellery Management & Entrepreneurship

1 Months


Astro Gems

1 week


Training Workshops

As Applicable


Course Overview

This course introduces you to the enchanting world of diamonds and provides a comprehensive knowledge about Diamonds Origin, formation, its properties & Diamond Grading 4C's- Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat weight and how they affect a diamond's value. The wealth of information provided in the course empowers you with the 5th C- Confidence to sell & buy diamond jewellery.

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Course Overview

This program provides technical expertise and comprehensive knowledge about various gemstones based on international standards. It enables you to identify, grade and evaluate gemstones. Today, when the market is flooded with synthetics, imitations and treated stones, a thorough knowledge of gemstones is very important and essential to succeed in this industry.

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Course Overview

This course provides an overview of the gems and jewellery industry and empowers you with technical gemological knowledge so that you can sell with confidence. It is an excellent course for companies who wish to train their staff for successful and effective sales presentations.

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Course Overview

Astro Gems course is all about Astrological Gemstones (Rashi Ratan). Few gemstones have great significance in vedic astrology & are used for astrological benefits since ages. This course covers Sources, Properties & Quality parameters of such Gemstones. You learn & practice to identify these gemstones and also to evaluate them. This course is highly recommended for Astrologers, Healers, Vastu Experts & Gemstone dealers.

certified gemologist and jewellery expert

Why you should learn Gemology

Gemology is the scientific study of gemstones. It covers their origin/sources, Classification, Optical & Physical Properties, various Quality parameters and most importantly their identification. Gemology also includes Gemstone treatments & their detection, techniques of making synthetic stones & testing methods to differentiate from their natural counterparts. Read More[...]

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