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Remarkable Facts about Diamonds

  • Diamond is made up of Pure Carbon. Diamond is the only gemstone present in elemental form.
  • Diamond is the hardest natural mineral substance on Earth & has hardness of 10 on Moh’s Scale.
  • Diamond is formed deep within the Earth at extreme conditions of Temperature & Pressure.
  • Diamond comes on the upper layers of the Earth’s Crust through volcanic eruptions.
  • It takes billions of years for the formation of Diamond Crystal.
  • Diamonds comes in all possible colours.
  • The diamond is always colorless if present in its pure chemical composition. So, the various colours in Diamonds is due to chemical impurities and crystal structure imperfections.
  • Diamond has best possible lustre among all transparent gemstones called ‘Adamantine’ .
  • The melting point of Diamond is 4000 Degree Centigrade.
  • The Specific Gravity ( SG ) of Diamond is 3.52 .
  • The Refractive Index ( RI )of Diamond is 2.417, which is one of the highest RI values among all Gemstones.

Properties of Diamond

  • MINERAL: Diamond
  • CHEMISTRY: Carbon
  • COLOR: Colorless to Deep Colors
  • Optic Character: Isotropic
  • SPECIFIC GRAVITY: 3.52 (+/-0.01)
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Why you should learn Gemology

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