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Jewellery Aftercare

Your precious jewellery need special care to retain its beauty & luster. Mishandling of Jewellery articles can lead to permanent damage to the jewellery. The Jewelelry studded with Gemstones, Pearls need extra care than plain metal jewellery.

Here is a quick Guide to take care of your precious jewellery

  • Avoid exposure of jewellery to strong Chemicals & direct excess heat. Heat can soften the metal and cause distortion in Jewellery article. Heat can also damage the studded gemstone. Few Gemstones & Pearls are sensitive to heat and should be taken care of accordingly.
  • Avoid Dust and Dirt accumulation. Jewellery should be cleaned regularly to maintain its beauty. Dirt accumulation can cause allergy and may tarnish the beauty of jewellery forever.
  • Cleaning procedures vary depending upon the type of jewellery. Getting your jewellery cleaned by a professional is a good idea.
  • Avoid ‘Do-it-youself’ techniques. These DIY techniques may fail and may lead to permanent damage to the jewellery.
  • Rings tend to collect Dust and Soap behind the gemstone. You can simply soak it in a bowl of water with a little gentle dish soap. If required, clean the ring from inside using a soft brush to scrub. For Cleaning Diamond, Ruby or Sapphire, one may add a few drops of Ammonia in the soaking bowl. Soak the ring for 10 minutes and then rinse it with water. Dry the ring using a lint-free cloth. Avoid the cloth being mingled at joints or prongs. Ultrasonic Cleaning can also be used for cleaning hard stone jewellery like Diamond, Ruby or Sapphire.
  • Jewellery involving Organic stones like Coral, Pearl or Amber should be cleaned by soaking in plain water for sometime. Soaps or any chemicals should be strictly avoided. Scrubbing should not be done as these are softer stones and tend to erode with any scrubbing. Ultrasonic cleaning should be avoided.
  • Opaque gemstones like Turquoise, Lapis lazuli and Malachite should be cleaned only by softly wiping them with water. These Stones should not be cleaned with any Soap or Chemical. Any scrubbing or Ultrasonic cleaning must be avoided.
  • Get your jewellery Cleaned, Polished or Repaired with Precaution. Ideally, the Stone should be taken out of Ring while resizing or repolishing it.
  • Be careful while storing the jewellery. Do not place jewellery articles very close to each other. Any Rubbing together of these articles can result in damage to stones or metals. Studded jewellery should be stored in separate boxes.
  • You should restring your pearl or Bead jewellery in every two years (or annually if you wear it frequently).
  • Jewellery with sensitive Gemstones like Emerald, Coral and Opal stones should be protected from high temperature & kept in a cool place. Excessive heat can harm these stones.
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